3 Reasons Why the Ford Bronco is So Popular


The Ford Bronco has long been one of the most desirable vehicles on the market. There are various reasons why this vehicle has become so popular over the years. This includes its ability to drive on different types of terrain and its historical visibility. Here are some of the reasons why the 2020 Bronco in Memphis, TN, will be a popular choice.

All-Terrain Vehicle

Like many SUVs, the Ford Bronco is designed to drive on various types of terrain. Whether you’re driving down the highway or up a mountain, the Ford Bronco provides the four-wheel drive necessary to handle any terrain you might come across. This is a very desirable feature, especially for those that live in rural areas that might drive on beat up roads. The Bronco will ensure that you’ll never have any problems when driving to or from anywhere.

Long-Term Reliability

The most reliable vehicles don’t become that way overnight. It usually takes years to be trusted by the public. The Ford Bronco was first released in 1965. Since then, there have been many updated versions of the vehicle, each as reliable as the last. This has led many car buyers to realize that they can trust a Bronco when they buy one. While there are many aspects of a vehicle that must be considered, reliability remains one of the primary concerns. The fact that people know they can rely on the Bronco has kept it a popular choice over the years.

The O.J. Simpson Chase

Sometimes, the visibility of a vehicle can have a major impact on its popularity. This was the case when the fifth-version of the Bronco, released in 1992, was used by former professional football player O.J. Simpson when he ran from police in June of 1994. 90 million people watched on television as he fled down the Los Angeles freeway in his white Bronco. Following the incident, sales of the vehicle soared. While Ford ended production of the Bronco in 1996 in favor of other SUVs, the purchasing of that version has remained popular over the years.

Even though the Ford Bronco ended production in 1996, it’scontinued to be a popular vehicle for purchase. Now that Ford has brought back this popular ride, it will once again be one of the most desirable cars available. These are some of the reasons why this vehicle has remained so popular and why people will be anxious to buy the 2020 Bronco in Memphis TN.