Getting the Most From Your Car Insurance Claim

Getting the Most From Your Car Insurance Claim

Staying informed as a customer is key when it comes to car value for insurance claims. By so doing, you’d know what to expect from the entire insurance process. Be sure to provide proof to solidify your claims in the event of a dispute. When filing for an insurance claim, you are advised to always be prepared. Insurance companies are on the lookout for ways to cut down on their offers. Your level of preparedness will determine if you can negotiate a better deal. 

Here are some of the things to consider when filing for car insurance claims


If you are involved in an accident, the very first step to take is to take a lot of pictures of the damages. Fortunately, getting picture proof of the damages can be done within seconds, thanks to the proliferation of smartphone cameras and other digital devices. Don’t just take a picture of your car alone, you need to document the other car as well. Also, take a picture of the area where the accident occurred. These pieces of evidence can help insurance companies in their investigation to determine who’s at fault while also giving you leverage to demand a higher offer. 

Get Estimates

Now that your car is damaged, the next stage is to know how to put it back in great shape to be roadworthy once again. In this case, you should get a number of estimates on how much it will cost to fix the car. In some cases, your insurer will demand that you visit their trusted, affiliated auto shop to get an estimate. However, be sure to consider other auto shops as well for an estimate. This will protect you in the event of a dispute. While getting estimates, always make sure that your selected auto shop uses only original replacement parts. 

Know Your Car’s Value

Knowing your car’s value for insurance claims is a great idea. There are many ways through which you can determine the value of your car before and after the accident. If the cost to repair the car exceeds the car’s value, your insurer will declare your car a total loss and your recovery will be limited to the car’s value. Being privy to this information can help you become better informed and avoid making rash decisions that you may regret in the future. Knowing car value for insurance claims will also protect you in case the insurance company brings a less than appropriate offer to the table. 

You Have Enough Time

Do not rush in on a car insurance claim. Be patient and wait the process out. People who have the resources to be patient with the process usually get compensated fairly. One of the reasons why the odds will always be in your favor is because insurance companies need to close their books and having many unprocessed claims will make it even more difficult. So if you can wait it out, you are in a better position to negotiate a better offer.