Mercedes Emissions Fraud Claim Bolstered By VW Ruling 

Mercedes Emissions Fraud Claim Bolstered By VW Ruling 

Several law firms have launched a group action emissions legal claim against Mercedes-Benz car owners in Wales and England.  The class-action suit alleges that the German car brand misled their customers about emissions levels in some of their vehicles. The firms specifically indicate Mercedes-Benz’s AdBlue and BlueTec models, particularly those that came out between 2007 and 2018. It affects approximately  500,000 diesel vehicles.

The Mercedes emissions claim states that Daimler, the car brand’s parent company, installed defeat devices in several of their diesel cars. These devices were designed to give low levels of NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions every time a test was conducted. In reality, however, the vehicles actually released dangerously high levels of the pollutant.

The number of claimants in Wales and England could reach 1.2 million. Expected compensation for every car owner or vehicle can vary from £5,000 to £10,000. Mercedes-Benz models that are alleged to have been installed with defeat devices include Vito, V-Class, Sprinter, SLK, S-Class, GL-Class, GLC-Class, GLS M-Class, GLA-Class, CLS, CLA, Citan, C-Class, B-Class, and A-Class. 

Daimler denies the allegations 

Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler has repeatedly denied the allegations. However, after a European Union supreme court came out with a ruling against Volkswagen proving that the German manufacturer installed emissions cheat devices, the case against the company is stronger than ever.

According to a representative of one of the law firms, the court ruling will help strengthen their argument that Mercedes-Benz deliberately deceived customers and cheated with their AdBlue and BlueTec engine by installing the defeat devices. As such, the law firms will argue that the car brand should be obligated to pay the affected UK car owners compensation. 

Another law firm representative said that their United States investigations prove that Mercedes-Benz has been installing the devices in both European and US vehicles. This is despite Daimler’s claims that emissions control systems used in the US cars are different from those used in European vehicles. The lawyer said both misled their customers by showing misrepresented emissions levels. Whether in the US or Europe, Mercedes-Benz and Daimler are accountable for deceiving vehicle owners and causing damage to the environment. They have suggested that the automaker has been using the illegal device for more than a decade in both markets.

Valid EU certifications

One of the reasons why Daimler continues to reiterate that the allegations are baseless is the fact that over 95% of lawsuits filed by German customers have been dismissed. They also stressed that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are certified and adhere to European Union regulations. As such, the specified functionalities are legally and technically justified. 

Daimler representatives also insist that its different emissions control system, certification process, and legal framework make the US cases entirely separate from the European ones. The US findings also did not verify or mention the presence of defeat devices in the affected vehicles.

Thus, Daimler has not admitted, and refuses to admit, claims of fraud and liability. The company’s objections were formalised with an objection against recall orders filed with the KBA or German Federal Motor Transport Authority. The objection proceedings are still going on, but Daimler has paid over £700 million in fines in 2019.

How to file a group claim

If you own a Mercedes-Benz and have verified that it is one of the affected models, you have to get in touch with a legal organisation or solicitor. Class-action suits for Mercedes diesel claims may take months to complete, and sometimes, there is no guarantee of success. However, law firms handling the on-going cases are optimistic, and this is enough reason for you to consider taking part in the class-action lawsuit. The claims are also being taken on on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning there is often no financial risk to you.

Typically, law firms won’t require you to pay any upfront fees. However, if the claim is successful, the firm will ask you for a percentage of the compensation you will be getting, between 25%-50%. 

There are several things that you have to consider, though, before joining any group action if you have been mis-sold your vehicle because of a Mercedes defeat device. 

Solicitors and emissions experts offer a no-win no-fee agreement, but you have to abide by certain terms and conditions.

First, you should join the group claim in good faith. This means your claim shouldn’t be a lie or invented; it should have legal basis. It shouldn’t be exaggerated, too. 

Second, you have to fully cooperate and stay in touch with the solicitors. You are expected to reply to emails and answer all calls pertaining or related to the case. 

Keep in mind, though, that you have to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding to join a group claim.

If you’re not confident yet about filing a Mercedes manufacturer emissions claim, talk to an emissions expert. They can help you figure out what you should do – from the first step down to the last. They will guide you every step of the way. Get in touch with the highly experienced and trained experts at right away.