Personalised number plates: A fun solution for both parties in the UK


Personalized number plates are big business in the UK. This relates to a very personal relationship between the owner of the vehicle and his vehicle. This phenomenon is also triggered by the number plate rules in the UK which give more freedom for every vehicle owner to “name” their car. For many people in the UK, the best solution is to give their car a private license plate that reflects the pride, character of the driver or a certain character they want in their car, something that may not be common in some neighboring countries. Most cars are not unique but providing personalized number plates can make them look even more unique and character than before.

Only about 25 years ago, license plates were a matter of luck. In the past, we didn’t necessarily determine what our license plates would be. In general, the number plate is determined from the age of the car and the place of first registration. Now no longer, license plates can be easily modified, of course, with adjustments to the traffic rules that apply in the UK.

If you are one of those looking to replace their car number plates for something more attractive and character then this article is for you. If you are an auto salesman looking to increase the sales of your cars with a variety of attractive plates, this article is for you too. In short, this article will be of great use to anyone who wants to increase the sale value of a car without making physical changes to the car itself.

High value unique number plates

Traders in the UK have had much success selling cars with unique license plates, for example the S1 plate, the first license plate ever released in Edinburgh. For your information, these number plates are now commonly sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds! In this case, the buyers were actually buying license plates instead of buying a car.

It all started in 1989

In 1989, 31 years ago, the DVLA, the UK’s driving and vehicle licensing agency realized that there was a lot of money involved in planning and manufacturing personalized license plates. That same year, DVLA began selling personalized number plates and to date, the agency has sold no less than 4 million personalized plates and generated £ 2 billion in state revenue. It can be concluded that there is a win-win solution here. Car owners are happy and the country is happy too. It’s that simple. Vehicle owners can give their car and UK the name they prefer, through the Ministry of Finance can benefit greatly from all the personalized license plates licensing process.

How do I get a private number plate?

This is the main question. There are actually three options that can be used; buy directly from DVLA, buy privately and lastly, use a broker or third party. If you don’t have enough time to take care of things, the third option is highly recommended. By buying from a broker like Carreg, you will have more options and in most cases, the costs you will have to spend can be lower. Hopefully this article was useful to add to your insight into the vehicle number plate system in the UK.