Why should you own an E-bike?

Why should you own an E-bike?

Would you like a bike that lets you use less effort and produces more power? A bike that gets you to your location very fast? All these are characteristics of an e-bike and should be a perfect choice for you.


They are the latest technological innovation and is here to stay. They have a battery that powers their motor. E-bikes have helped solve issues like congestion and environmental pollution. Being physically fit is not a condition to ride one. E-bikes have come in handy during this global pandemic for commuters.

What you should know

  1. Makes pedaling easier.

It has a pedal-assist that detects pedaling effort and is powered by a small motor. This gives you a boost so that you can navigate through hills and tough terrains without breaking a sweat. Some e-bikes have a throttle that engages the motor by pressing a button.

  1. They are fast.

The faster you pedal, the more the boost achieved and the faster you’ll go. When you hit 20 to 28 miles per hour, it cannot propel you further depending on the bike. This enables you to save commuting time.

  1. They increase riding interest.

With e-bikes, you tend to ride more. Less effort is needed and more ground is covered fast.

  1. They are an alternative to driving.

E-bike cancels the problems brought about by cars such as to avoid traffic, parking fees, and environmental pollution. They get you to your destination fast and you won’t need a change of clothes due to sweating.

  1. There are e-bikes to fit every purpose.

They are available in styles like cargo, commuter, hardtail, recreational, performance road bike, and full-suspension mountain.

  1. They are expensive to buy but saves you money.

E-bikes help you to save on gas money and maintenance otherwise needed in cars. It reduces health conditions as it is a good exercise to cycle.

  1. They are heavy.

E-bike components such as a motor, battery, and reinforced frame makes them heavier if lifted. However, having motor-assisted pedaling makes this property disappear and hence easy to ride.

  1. It is fun to ride.

This is because less effort is used and this gives you the time to enjoy nature around you. They are heavy and fast and so it will take more time to slow down. They accelerate faster so you need to be careful when merging into traffic.


  • Low maintenance and operating cost compared to cars
  • Eco friendly
  • Reduces traffic jam
  • Faster rides
  • No operating license is needed
  • Good exercise thus reducing health issues
  • Works well uphill


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Heavyweight
  • The battery becomes weaker with time and recharging takes time
  • Lack of bike lanes 


E-bikes provide efficient mobility, highly sustainable, and healthiest mode of transport. They have a motor that amplifies your pedaling power allowing you to enjoy the scenery and get to your destination fast. It has a long-lasting removable and rechargeable battery and an easy-to-control power. This is a growing technology and is the future of modern transportation. Don’t be left behind, get you an e-bike that fulfils all your needs and expectations.